Hello all,

My name is Wayd and as I like my privacy I have decided to write under the guise of one of my pet cavies.  His name is Maximus Tiberius Cavius, Max for short. He`s a dashingly hansom 2.5 year old Abyssinian cavy with white, blonde, and black hair.

I have a great interest in critical thinking, I want to spread this interest by talking about news items and other things on this blog of mine here. I`ll describe logical fallacies, look at woo/quackery, psychics, anti-vaxers, and other similar things lacking critical thought. I`ll do all this in a plane easy-to-understand language along with examples.

I have a Twitter account (CriticalReact) where I will often link to interesting articles with a quick comment or two. On my Delicious account (criticalreact) I have links to websites covering issues relating to critical thinking. There is also my Facebook account Maximus Cavius

Oh I also have a Flickr account (criticalreact) because I want to share pictures of Max so everyone can bathe in the awesomeness that is he!

Please enjoy the site!


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