Not So Delicious Bookmarks…

After searching and triple checking the settings I still can`t get the Delicious bookmarks widget to display anything. The links are marked public on my Delicious account and the username is correct in the widget, but they still won`t display. For the time being please click on the Delicious Bookmarks link at the bottom of the page.



Free book on logical fallacies!

Here is a great free book available by Mike LaBossiere of the The Philosophers’ Magazine Blog – Talking Philosophy. It covers 42 common logical fallacies given them all explanation with simple examples. A great book! Do read it!

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Hello Bipeds!

I`m Maximus Tiberius Cavius (Max for short) and this the first post I have ever made on a blog. I`m a 2.5 year old Abyssinian cavy who is sick of humans who keep yelling out logical fallacies and are unable to critically think. Oh and I`m bloody handsome!

Please check out my about page for more information about me and this site.

Hoi hoi hoi!